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Hello, I'm Petia and here you can see what I'm passioned about.

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Petia Ivanova

About Petia Ivanova

The canvas is a feeling, the line is a thought.  Let the brush strokes flow!

Color for me is like love at first sight, a moment of wonder, an awe-inspiring  encounter with a new muse; a moment of a strange, indescribable, never before felt experience in which something different happens in my emotional world and I feel driven to live it fully.  Color brings the first breath to the canvas. Color arouses a voracious desire to interpret and give life to the feeling that has arisen within me.  It becomes an expression of emotion and a hunger to share.  The reflection of my emotional state shines through in the colors of my paintings.  They are rich and contrasting, creating contoured shapes and a depth of expression.

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Petia Ivnaova
Petia Ivnaova

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