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The line is powerful, but soft remains the approach, as the strong personality shaped by the sensitive nature. The oil colors are vibrant, soft, and allow for the overlapping of the matter, suitable for the contrast between the deep inner world of the subject and the lightness of the entire composition.

Painting gives purpose to my life. To leave a sign in the hearts of others, to awaken the desire to question or just be touched by my paintings, is what guides me in my artistic journey.

I always begin by drawing the subject’s body using a small, flat brush. I look for the composition by drawing dark lines while observing the face that I have chosen to interpret; I already have in mind the vision of the finished work. Only then do I create the colors I will usually use; I prefer warm tones, soft pastels, and earth tones. I work them on the canvas with a spatula. The work comes to life with the gaze and the movements of the body, essential parts of my work. I try to achieve perfection through imperfect details; it is the most fun and enjoyable part of the whole process; in the end, it is all about exploring and rediscovering the material.

The main subject of my works is the female figure, the woman. Captured up close, with a particular focus on the eyes and the moods they transmit. They are the element that attracts people to the painting and capture them for the authenticity of the feelings that arise. My art is spontaneous, a reflection of the emotions I experience every day.

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” This is why every day, I keep coming back to the canvas and keep exploring, observing, and capturing, new fragments of my being … one little piece at a time towards personal integrity and emotional harmony.

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Petia Ivnaova
Petia Ivnaova

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