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Petia Ivanova

Petia Ivanova was born in Sofia in 1982, to a couple of young and ambitious engineers determined to make their way in life. In search of a better future for their children, the family often changes residency until they settled in Kazanlak. Here Petia found a passion for art and at the age of 13 enrolled in a drawing course, which later let her to attend the school of art and design “Decko Uzunov”. The teacher of that course was her first professional guide. At school she was naturally drawn to design, but the interest evolved during her teenage years by putting the focus on figurative painting. At the age of 16, her life was revolutionized entirely by her parents who, aware of her abilities, told her that she would leave, after only a few days, for the United States. She will finish school at a High School in Tifton, Georgia, as an international student and live with an American family. 

Young Petia arrives in the United States completely unprepared, alone and without knowing the language. In the next six years she had to face several difficulties, which the lack of her family makes She spent a total of six years in the United States, a period in which she met boys and girls of different nationalities who became her family, with which she grew up as a person and as an artist. These are difficult years because the lack of her real family is strong and to maintain her studies, she is forced to do different jobs, but at the same time it is here that her character and personality are tempered, as can be perceived by the growing maturity of her artistic works. Petia’s art represents the growth journey of her personal life. Yours is just a process of exploration and discovery of the matter. In 2004 Petia wins the “best in show” award at the on-campus art gallery of Valdosta State University and graduated with honors this same year. 

After completing her studies, she traveled between Brazil and Europe. She falls in love with Italy and here she settles, starting again the challenge of facing a new culture and a new language. After obtaining her master’s degree at the “LABA” in Florence, she participated in group and personal exhibitions also in Venice, Ferrara, Treviso, Pisa. One of the most significant exhibitions for the artist is her solo exhibition in Sofia, her hometown, in the year 2018 at the art gallery 2.0. Currently Petia lives and works of her art in Padua, Italy.

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