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Petia Ivanova

The canvas is a feeling, the line is a thought.  Let the brush strokes flow!

Color for me is like love at first sight, a moment of wonder, an awe-inspiring  encounter with a new muse; a moment of a strange, indescribable, never before felt experience in which something different happens in my emotional world and I feel driven to live it fully.  Color brings the first breath to the canvas.  Color arouses a voracious desire to interpret and give life to the feeling that has arisen within me.  It becomes an expression of emotion and a hunger to share.  The reflection of my emotional state shines through in the colors of my paintings.  They are rich and contrasting, creating contoured shapes and a depth of expression.

Often, the subject of my canvases is the female figure with her complicated feelings, sometimes misunderstood, with her qualities and creative strength neglected over time.  As I paint, I create numerous lines.  I mix and dirty the colors to transcend the boundaries of realism, to get closer to the realization of my inspiration and to enhance this feeling in its imperfection.  I step back from my work.  I observe.  Is this what I feel?

I love the medium of rich surfaces and the shapes that overlap leaving room for different interpretations.  The lines I draw have multiple functions: contouring, shaping, shading.  They keep the subject smooth, lightened, yet at the same time, are woven into the depths of a parallel world created by thick, sharp color and diagonal strokes.  The lines isolate emotion from the truth.  The artistic elements in my works are more important than the subjects themselves just as the feelings born are more important than the motif itself.

I want you to experience love at first sight, a feeling born when you first stop in front of one of my paintings.  I want to draw your senses toward the sensuality, the sweetness and the complexity of the feminine mystique; toward the internal conflicts therein that nevertheless manage to find and create a unique harmony.

As I paint, I rediscover myself and my emotive world.  I am drawn nearer to my most profound desires.  For me, my work is finished when I move away from it, look back, and smile.

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